Diagnostic laboratory

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Our bacteriology department consists of several experts who can perform a variety of bacteriological analyses, with the greatest attention to detail and quality.

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Poulpharm has an automated system for performing ELISA tests which allows a large number of tests to be performed in a short period of time and the customer is quickly informed of the result.

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Over the years, Poulpharm has built up exceptional expertise around coccidiosis and can count on specifically trained personnel to carry out these surveys.

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Our virology laboratory consists of a team of scientists and skilled laboratory technicians who work together to isolate, identify and produce autogenous vaccines for a wide range of animal viruses.

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PCR or Polymerase Chain Reaction is a rapid and reliable method of detecting the genetic material of pathogens (bacteria, viruses and parasites) already at an early stage of the disease.

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Poulpharm has the necessary facilities for carrying out post-mortem examinations. In consultation with experienced veterinarians, appropriate samples are taken for pathological diagnosis.

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