Poulpharm international leader in marketing and regulatory field trials

Next to controlled on-site trials, Poulpharm performs field trials as an opportunity to test novel or marketed products on a large scale in real-life conditions. We offer POC, confirmation, VICH-compliant1 and marketing trials for feed products, feed additives, vaccines or veterinary medicines.

As such valuable marketing data, data for submission of registration files and insight in user experience can be acquired.

Via an international network of dedicated farms and with access to an extensive veterinarian network,  appropriate farms (swine, cattle, poultry) can be selected suitable for your demand.

This network includes farms and veterinarians in different EU countries as well as Asia and Latin America (Belgium, France, The Netherlands, Portugal, Italy, Hungary, Vietnam, Philipppines, Brasil, …). 

We focus on quality, cost and short timelines with a dedicated team of experts. 

1 VICH GL9 Guideline on good clinical practices (CVMP/VICH/595/98-FINAL)

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Poulpharm expands test options for safety trials by offering haematology analyses

To further expand our portfolio, Poulpharm’s pathology department now offers haematological evaluation of poultry blood. An excellent tool to evaluate general health condition of birds, as well as monitoring disease status and treatment progress. 

  • Performed according to European guidelines (EFSA 2017;15(10):5021) for Target Animal Safety trials  
  • Analysis include
    • Total white blood cell count (cells/µl blood) 
    • Leukocyte differential count (%) 
      • Lymphocytes 
      • Heterophils  
      • Monocytes 
      • Eosinophils 
      • Basophils 
    • Evaluation of morphological abnormalities in leukocytes 
    • Thrombocyte count (cells/µl blood)  
    • Total red blood cells (cells/µl blood) 
    • Packed cell volume or haematocrit (%) 
    • Polychromatophilic index (regenerative shift) 
    • Haemoglobin (g/dL) 
    • … 

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