Contract research

As an independent contract research partner for animal health research in poultry, rabbits and pigs, we specialize in customer-oriented solutions for all research and drug development needs, ensuring quality, efficiency, cost-effectiveness and scientific integrity. To this end, we have an extensive team of experienced Study Directors, researchers, veterinarians, laboratory technicians and animal care staff who work together as a team to bring your study to a successful conclusion.

At Poulpharm we emphasize on quality.  

Our (pre-)clinical trials are always performed in accordance with strict Standard Operating Protocols, whether you require a Proof Of Concept, GCP- or GLP conform study. Poulpharm’s team of Study Directors and Scientific Managers is highly trained in quality assurance according to VICH and OECD guidelines and supported by a regulatory and quality assurance department. 

To obtain this quality we cover all elements of your request, including  

  • Data management (from trial protocol, over raw data collection to final reporting) 
  • In vitro tests and validations 
  • Complete in vivo trials 

We aim to support you as a reliable research partner for the completion of your trials in accordance with the applicable legal guidelines. 

As a CRO we assist our clients along the pivotal steps to register and commercialize their products, whether these are veterinary medicine, feed additives or feed products. 

During development, a Proof Of Concept study can reveal the potential of your product. This might range from straightforward efficacy to evaluation of underlying mechanisms of action. Our experts in the various fields will readily assist you in setting up the optimal study model. 

In a follow-up step, extensive registration trials will be performed to demonstrate your product's efficacy and safety. These trials will be conducted by a team of Study Directors, lab technicians and animals care personnel trained on the necessary requirements according to VICH and OECD guidelines. To complete this process successfully, our regulatory department can further support you on regulatory requirements to enter the market.  

Finally, we have the necessary experience and expertise to assist you in marketing studies to promote your product. To this end, next to the controlled (laboratory) trials at our facilities, we also offer field trials. In these latter, your product can be tested at large scale, offering field information, user experience and an opportunity to penetrate the market. 

Depending on the aim of the trial, Poulpharm comprises several sites to conduct poultry, rabbit and pig trials. As such we have the flexibility to vary from small scale to large scale in vivo studies. 

Facilities include: 

  • Floorpens (Poultry, rabbits and pigs) 
  • Battery cages (Poultry for fattening and laying hens) 
  • Pig boxes (Currently <50kg/animals, near future also >50kg/animal) 
  • SUIT cages (Systems to Ultimately Isolate Threats, Poultry) 
  • BSL2 and BSL3 level isolators (Poultry) 
  • HEPA-filtered isolator rooms (40-60m² to accommodate floorpens or pig boxes) 
  • Compartments for field trials (4 compartments for Poultry)  
  • Fattening pig houses (2) 

Moreover, via an international network of dedicated farms and with access to an extensive veterinarian network we can offer real-life field trials for your demand. This network includes farms and veterinarians in different EU countries as well as Asia and Latin America (Belgium, France, The Netherlands, Portugal, Italy, Hungary, Vietnam, Philipppines, Brasil, …).  

Poulpharm offers a wide range of models whether your products are veterinary medicine or vaccines, feed additives, feed products or biocides: 

  • Efficacy  
  • Dose-determination 
  • Target Animal Safety  
  • Compatibility 
  • Toxicity 
  • Tissue Residue 
  • Pharmacokinetics 

With a team of Scientific experts in different fields and an extensive biobank, we can offer infection models with following pathogens:  

  • Parasites  
    • Coccidiosis 
    • Histomoniasis 
    • Helminth infections 
    • Red blood mites 
  • Bacteria 
    • Necrotic enteritis 
    • Bacterial enteritis 
    • E.coli 
    • Salmonellosis 
    • Mycoplasma 
    • Gallibacterium 
    • Enterococcus 
    • Streptococcus 
    • Staphylococcus 
  • Viruses 
    • Infectious Laryngotracheitis 
    • Infectious Bronchitis 
    • Marek’s disease 
    • Adenovirus 
    • Reovirus 
    • Fowl-pox 
    • Avian Metapneumovirus infection 
    • Avian encephalomyelitis 
    • Swine Influenza Virus 
    • Porcine Reproductive Respiratory Syndrome Virus  

Furthermore, our non-infection models include 

  • Performance 
  • Lipopolysaccharide (LPS) 
  • Footpad dermatitis and lameness 
  • Leaky gut 
  • Heat stress 
  • Mycotoxin 

Samples collected during in vivo trials, will either be processed in one of our own laboratories with highly-trained personnel and specialized equipment 

Or assessed by a partners from our wide network of external collaborators. 

how poulpharm helps

Poulpharm guides you from concept to completion of the trial with:

✔ Appropriate study design and protocol development

✔ Origin of animals (free from specific pathogens (SPF), commercially hatched / bred, naturally affected)

✔ Customized study diet formulation and production

✔ Inocula production (viral, bacterial, and parasitic)

✔ Follow-up of the in vivo phase in air-conditioned facilities

✔ Lesion score, clinical evaluations, monitoring of feed and water intake

✔ Lab Analysis

✔ Bioanalysis, data management, statistical analysis

✔ Completion of the final research report