Contract research

As an independent contract research partner for animal health research in poultry, rabbits and pigs, we specialize in customer-oriented solutions for all research and drug development needs, ensuring quality, efficiency, cost-effectiveness and scientific integrity. To this end, we have an extensive team of experienced Study Directors, researchers, veterinarians, laboratory technicians and animal care staff who work together as a team to bring your study to a successful conclusion.

At Poulpharm we attach great importance to quality. Preclinical studies are always performed in accordance with GCP. In addition, we also have the possibility to conduct a wide range of studies GLP compliant. Here we want to act as a reliable research partner for the completion of your studies in accordance with the applicable legal guidelines.

As a CRO we assist our clients in the different steps that are necessary for bringing veterinary and nutritional products to the market.

In the development phase, the potential of a product can be determined by means of a proof of concept study in which the mechanism of action can also be examined. Our experts in the various fields are ready to assist you in setting up an optimal study model.

In order to meet government requirements, products must be extensively tested in various registration studies to demonstrate efficacy and safety before they are put on the market. In order to complete this process successfully, we have a regulatory department supported by our experts who assist you during the studies.

Finally, we also have the necessary experience and expertise to assist you in marketing studies to promote your product.  

For our studies with poultry we have several sites for conducting both large- and small-scale studies in floor pens (200) and battery cages (240).

For studies with pathogens belonging to biosafety level 2, we at Poulpharm have certified isolation rooms of 40 to 60m2 and individual isolators for conducting small-scale studies. We have both biosafety level 2 and 3 isolators at our disposal.

At Poulpharm we have a wide range of different types of study models, ranging from infection models with different types of bacteria (clostridium, E. coli, Salmonella,..., viruses (IBV, Marek,...) and parasites (Eimeria, helminths,...) to zootechnical studies in both poultry and pigs.

(table with listings in poultry and pigs?)

In addition to the wide range of study models, we also have the necessary experience to carry out research on different types of products. This ranges from feed additives, drinking water additives to vaccines. We focus not only on efficacy studies but also on safety and dose determination studies.

For more information you can always contact our experts who will assist you in setting up an optimal study design.

For analysis of samples taken during in vivo studies, we at Poulpharm have our own laboratories with specialized personnel and equipment. We have bacteriology, parasitology, virology, serology, molecular diagnostics and pathology/histology.

In addition to our own laboratories, Poulpharm has built up a wide network of collaborations with external companies for certain types of analyses:

  • Pharmacology and toxicology, veterinary faculty, UGent
  • Poultry health sciences, veterinary faculty, UGent
  • Vetspin
  • RDS (nutritional?)
  • ...
how poulpharm helps

Poulpharm guides you from concept to completion of the trial with:

✔ Appropriate study design and protocol development

✔ Origin of animals (free from specific pathogens (SPF), commercially hatched / bred, naturally affected)

✔ Customized study diet formulation and production

✔ Inocula production (viral, bacterial, and parasitic)

✔ Follow-up of the in vivo phase in air-conditioned facilities

✔ Lesion score, clinical evaluations, monitoring of feed and water intake

✔ Lab Analysis

✔ Bioanalysis, data management, statistical analysis

✔ Completion of the final research report